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Honest, Appropriate and Customised Business Advice.

As a boutique Business Development Services Provider, we cater for the provision of customised business solutions to new and growing small and medium sized businesses.

We specialise in assisting business owners and management with their business planning and offer independent and unbiased advice to our clients on a diverse range of service opportunities.Together with some of our strategic partners, where necessary, we can provide a holistic financial and administrative planning service.

Being focused means that we can provide our clients with a high level of personalised service.

We realise that this is just as important as results. Such focus also allows us to spend a significant amount of time meeting with and analysing the various business challenges our clients are faced with.Our role as business development consultants is to understand your current situation and where you aim to go from there. To assist in implementing a detailed plan to help you get there.It is a dynamic process. Business development advice is thus an ongoing event. Our task is to help business owners to navigate a changing landscape to get to where they want or need to be.

Our Core Focus:

“By taking away the burden of you having to manage your business financial well being, we help you to enjoy life.”

Dynamic Business Solutions core focus is to help create and develop both new and existing businesses. The consultancy does this by providing various professional management consulting services that cut across the spectrum of business development services. In addition, the consultancy is accredited by various professional bodies and funding agencies as a business loan facilitator.

Geographic coverage:

The consultancy is managed by Ben Mayo. Since its inception the practice has set up offices in Cape Town and provides its services throughout South Africa. Where required, we will travel or where possible provide some of our services via the internet.

Our Key Accreditations:

  • Cape Craft & Design Institute – Accredited mentor
  • Business Partners - Accredited mentor.
  • Sasfin Investment Bank – Accredited Business Introducer
  • SEDA – Accredited mentor
  • SEFA – Accredited mentor
  • National Youth Development Agency – Accredited service provider
  • IDC – Accredited business development consultant
  • ENABLIS - Accredited mentor
  • National Empowerment Fund accredited service provider
  • Legacy Mentorship Programme - Accredited business development mentor
  • Standard Bank – Accredited enterprise development consultant
  • Provided financial training at BandWidth Barn for the VeloCITI and Telkom Entrepreneurial Development  Programmes

Dynamic Business Solutions is a business development consulting firm that provides specialised customised services. The services offered are tailored around the needs of business minded persons who require assistance in executing specific financial management functions.

The provision of financial management and related services is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Many different areas of business, finance and taxation necessitate the services of specialist consultants. Business persons and management also discover that capacity constraints and the scarcity of specialist skills within themselves and their organisations combine to leave certain critical priorities undone or simply unattended to.

Dynamic Business Solutions strives to meet the needs of its clients by fulfilling their specific needs by using its collective experience, knowledge and training of its consultants and associates. We are able to provide our range of services acting as an independent consultant, or support management when specialist financial projects are undertaken. Our role is versatile and can be completely defined by the client, who is safe in the knowledge that we possess the specialist skills required to successfully conclude the defined project or intervention.

Our B-BBEE Credentials:The company automatically qualifies as a Level 4 contributor of B-BBEE, and has been recently verified. The company is involved in several corporate social programmes and invests time and resources on developing historically previously disadvantaged persons.