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Dynamic Business Solutions is a small, specialist Management & Business Development Consultancy for SME’s in South Africa. Clients range from start-ups, though to small businesses with a turnover in excess of one million rand and up to businesses turning over R40 million plus.

The consultants have all been adequately trained and are accredited with various professional bodies and business facilitation agencies. In addition, we have a wealth of practical experience spanning over 30 years.

Our services are aimed at providing entrepreneurs with both access to numerous business consultancy services for business development and enhancement, market linkages and business loan finance. In addition, we provide a mentorship programme that supports one-on-one interactions to impart specific business knowledge.

We have advised businesses engaged in manufacturing, service businesses and professional practices, distribution and sales, retailing, wholesaling, restaurants, fast food retailers, importers and exporters. We have also assisted businesses in the fields of agriculture, sporting goods, hotels and guesthouses, computer software and hardware, art, craft & design including internet businesses.


It is becoming quite natural for business owners to focus on their core business operations and outsource part-time qualified, trained and experience specialists to handle the accounting and administrative side of their business. Further, the potential risks of insufficient administrative management skills can be costly.  Thus, outsourcing a specialist ultimately leads to cost savings overall and peace of mind.


With our combined expertise and substantial experience, we can provide you with the support, resources and benefits of an in-house qualified specialist at substantially less cost than a employee, large accountancy and management consultancy firm. We work with a client consulting agreement and every client knows what they are going to receive as well as the total cost in advance to any appointment.


Dynamic Business Solutions offers a free 1 hour consultation to all potential clients with a business idea or existing businesses. If we are of the opinion that your strategies and tactics are soundly based we will say so. However if we believe that there are some areas in which we could help we will prepare a free Strategy Report.

The Strategy Report is then discussed with you at a second meeting. Any proposals in the report will have fixed prices with no hidden charges hourly fees or expenses. You know exactly what it will cost before you consider going ahead.

We must stress that both of the initial meetings are completely free of charge and without any obligation to proceed. At worst you may gain an outline of where our Strategy Consultant believes your company might move forward from its current position. At best the meetings could lead to improved strategic direction leading to enhanced profitability for your business.

We are able to offer our services electronically to prospective clients’ resident throughout Southern Africa.

Our entrepreneurial services include:

  •  Business Plan Development & Preparation
  •  Undertaking Feasibility Studies &  assessing new business opportunities
  •  Raising Business Loans and Negotiation for business finance.
  •  Strategic Planning and Implementation
  •  Business Counselling, Mentoring, Management Advice and offering business growth and capacity building
  •  Financial Services and Due Diligence Reviews
  •  Business Performance Evaluation and Turnaround Strategy
  •  B-BBEE Business Consulting and Structuring for Enterprise Development purposes
  •   Marketing Strategies and Implementation Plans
  •   Developing company profiles to assist in accessing new business and markets
  •   Turnaround solutions
  •   Business modelling
  •   Valuation consulting
  •   Assisting with preparation of tender documents
  •   Legal document assistance – preparation and evaluation of various business related documents such as purchase and sale agreements, reviewing contracts and assisting with joint venture and memorandum of understanding agreements
  •   Statutory compliancy – helping with operational and SARS tax complianc


Our financial services include:

  • Annual Budget preparation
  • Cash Flow budgeting and monitoring systems
  • Monthly management accounting services
  • Internal risk control reviews
  • Post external funding management and reporting
  • Accounting training for in-house employees including debtor and creditors management
  • Cost structuring
  • Year end annual financial statement clean-up
  • Ad-hoc engagements and part-time management assignments
  • Comprehensive business Health Check


Business Plan preparation (for loan raising or strategy purposes)

DBS prepares customised plans that meet the requirements and needs of the client. The high quality document meets the requirements of banks, investors, Government Funding and financial institutions. During the process the client is provided with guidance, advice and overall viability of their business model.


Preparation of feasibility studies (for new business start ups or expansion)

DBS is business start-up and expansion specialist.


Assistance with business purchase and sales – due diligence preparation for either the buyer or seller


Preparation of business loan applications – Investment Memorandum and Loan Application preparation


Business profile preparation

DBS prepares a short document for the client that reflects what the client business does, the history, current position and its future goals. The purpose of the profile document is to secure new customers and to provide evidence to other third parties who wish to know the important aspects of the business.


Internal business reviews. This is done by evaluating and determining actual business strengths and weaknesses. A detailed report incorporating strategic management, management and leadership, marketing and sales, production and operations review, environmental management, finance, human resources and management of information is prepared.


Preparation of Marketing & Sales Plans - DBS assist the client in determining a competitive business strategy by finding new and innovative ways to make the client business more competitive. This is made possible by providing customised solutions, which can be rolled out to support existing competitive business strategies.


Comprehensive Financial Budget Forecasting & Customised Business Modelling

DBS assists clients that need detailed financial model to be designed and customised to meet the client requirements and includes an assumptions page, sales projections, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections. Detailed inter-linking sheets are provided to reflect assets, depreciation, taxation, marketing, human resource cost, ratio analysis and loan amortisation tables.


Mentorship and coaching services - DBS helps reposition your business in the market place to maximise profits and derived benefits. DBS evaluates the business model, internal resources and capabilities as well as external factors such as industry forces and competitive dynamics in an effort to reframe your strategy. Thus, we may change the fundamental position of your company and the way your customers view your business.


Turnaround and business problem identification This includes guidance to rectify the problems. Operations’ consulting is about fine-tuning your procurement, logistics and/or manufacturing strategy. DBS helps to address some of the operational challenges your business may face, such as high inventories, the need for continues improvement, lean manufacturing, sustainability, etc.

Management accounting and, bookkeeping services - system implementation and consulting. Annual Financial Results are prepared in conjunction of an experienced and dedicated registered professional accountant.


Tax related assistance services. Statutory compliance facilitation services and taxation consulting services are provided. (Accredited Tax practioner to SARS)


General business advice and counselling - In face of business stagnation, companies must look beyond their standard line of products and core customers to stimulate growth and innovation. The client business must encourage internal development and entrepreneurship. However, this becomes difficult in the corporate context due to lack of resources, meeting short-term targets and inability to compete for funds with the core business requirements. DBS will address some of the challenges your business may face in this area and will identify some potential growth segments and areas for improvement.

Preparation of detailed financial forecasts and budgets