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“Many thanks for the patience and hard work shown by you and your team. From the daily referrals to and from our centres to the assistance with our workshops as well as other interventions such as our Small Business Weeks we held. Your participation therein has enabled many a client to successfully start and or expand their small businesses.”  
Meredith Ryan – Consultant – ABSA Small Business - Enterprise Development Centre
“I particularly appreciate Ben's willingness to take initiative in helping me by providing me with various options to make my Plan work for me. I can say with the utmost of confidence that Ben is an organized, conscientious, reliable person. He maintains high levels of professionalism, hard work and dedication, ensuring proficiency and efficiency prevails at all times. Furthermore he is a team worker and experienced in dealing with people on all kinds of levels. I am ecstatic with the results he has presented to my business and recommend him without hesitation.”  
Belinda Collins – Director – Shoop Sharp Construction Services
“We experienced superior consulting services as a result of Dynamic Business Solutions professional approach, cost efficiency and attention to detail. Their commercial acumen is of a very high standard and I would not hesitate in recommending their services”  
 Hasna Khan, Director of Argan Green 
“Ben is very thorough in regard to reporting and updating developments to me. I have generally found that his proposals have been well thought through and entirely appropriate to my business needs. I have found his approach to be customised, courteous and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any business owners."  
Lewis Chesler – Former CEO & Chairman – Financial Workshop (Cape) (Pty) Ltd
"Ben Mayo has been my business mentor and advisor since 2000.He is highly professional, proactive and completely on top of his game. I regard him as one of my most trusted advisors."
Sivuyile Gulwa-Entrepreneur